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SmartLipo vs. LipoLite, what's the difference?
Every single process is actually a "laser liposuction" procedure, meaning a laser's energy is employed to melt fat and is suctioned out of the body. A single is produced by Cynosure Lasers, the other by Syneron Ltd. Each has its personal characteristics, nevertheless which ought to be applied in your case can only be determined by your physician following a thorough consultation.

When is laser lipo far more suitable?
If you are looking for fat reduction in a modest, localized location of the body, that's when I could possibly advise laser liposuction. Speak to your doctor about which sort of liposuction may possibly be most effective for you distinct objectives.

What is "Cold Lipo" or CryoLipo?
Zeltiq, using a approach of cold fat reduction 1st developed by Drs. Manstein and Anderson at Harvard, is developing a really intriguing device which makes use of cold to target fat without having cutting the skin. The treatment is carried out by applying a device on top of the skin which then uses cold to minimize fat.

Can a person of color be treated with laser lipo?
Yes, since the laser energy is targeting fat cells beneath the skin by means of an incision, skin color does not influence on the laser's capability to target the cells.